Murska Sobota ,  Slovenija ,  24. August - 1. September 2012

DANCE CHALLENGES AT FRONT@                            

Slovenija, Murska Sobota, 27 – 30 August 2012

Dance challenges at Front@ are a five-day long intensive exchange of ideas and knowledge on classes for beginners, advanced and professional dancers.


Maja Kalafatić: Yoga

9:30 – 11:00 a.m. (each day) Studio 1

Milan Tomašik: contemporary dance class Happy Feet and workshop Solo dance

11:15 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. (from 27 – 29 August) Studio 1

Ingrid Kerec: workshop Dance anatomy

2:15 – 3:45 p.m. (each day) Studio 1

Joan van der Mast: Modern dance

4:00 – 5.30 p.m. (each day) Studio 1

Joan van der Mast: Master Class for Dance Teachers

9:00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m. (from 29 – 30 August) Studio 2

Studio 1 and 2, ŠRC Spartacus, Kopališka 2, Murska Sobota (


- All who apply for at least two classes, can buy tickets for all the performances for EUR 10

- Dance teachers can ask for watching the classes at a 50% discount on an individual course’s price

- In case of vacancies, you can apply for single class for EUR 15. Please inquire at the office for vacancies.

- All who apply at least one class can get 15% discount on 2. Conference on Dance Medicine in Slovenia, which will be held on 31st of August in Murska Sobota (more info:;


M. Kalafatić: Yoga; I. Kerec: Dance anatomy; J. van der Mast: Modern dance

Payments Before 30 June EUR 35

Payments After 30 June EUR 55 (if available)

M. Tomašik: Happy feet and Solo dance

Payments Before 30 June EUR 50

Payments After 30 June EUR 70 (if available)

Joan van der Mast: Master class for Dance Teachers

Payments Before 30 June EUR 60

Payments After 30 June EUR 80 (if available)

* 20% VAT is included in the fee. The price list is valid for 6 days of WDS.


- EUR 5 for each subsequent course (if you apply for two courses – EUR 5, if for three – EUR 10....)

- A society or club, that signs up more than 5 people gets a 10% discount on the total amount

  (Send the application forms in one bundle)

- A family that signs up at least 2 of its members gets a 10% discount on the total amount

  (Send the application forms in one bundle)

- Professionals with a freelance status (copy of proof necessary) get a 10% discount on the total amount


Lower prices are available if you sign up and pay before 30 June 2011.

Correctly filled-in application forms must be sent to: or by post to: JSKD, for dance challenges, Štefanova 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

After this deadline you will only be able to apply in case of vacancies at an increased price. Please contact the organizer.


In accordance with your application form, we shall send you a pro forma invoice, which should be paid before the event starts (or before the 30 June 2011 for lower prices).

If the payment is made by an organization, the application form must include its stamp and be signed by the person responsible.


Javni sklad Republike Slovenije za kulturne dejavnosti,

Štefanova 5, 1000 Ljubljana,

Tel.: 01 24 10 523 (organizer Franci Cotman), Fax: 01 24 10 510; E-mail:

Dance challenges at Fronta and application form:


If you cannot arrange it by yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for help. We recommend you to book your stay at least 2 weeks before the event starts:

Dijaški dom (youth hostel),

Tomšičeva ul. 15, Murska Sobota; Tel.: 02/530 03 10; E-mail:

Gostišče Javor s prenočišči,

Polje 2, Murska Sobota; T: 02/534 10 33; E: 

Hotel Zvezda,

Trg zmage 8, Murska Sobota; T: 02/539 15 73 or 0590 86 259; E:


- We retain the right to change the content of the program, due force majeure

  1. -We take no responsibility for injuries and thefts. You must provide for your own insurance and keep an           eye on your belongings

- The tuition fee will be refunded only if we receive a medical certificate before the end of the event

- Taking photos, recording videos and taking notes during classes is prohibited, unless agreed in advance     with the organizer and teacher


Maja Kalafatić (1984) graduated from the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. She takes part in several original pieces as a choreographer and dancer and cooperates with other artists. After returning to Slovenia, she completed a 2-year Yoga teacher class in the Devi Yoga Centre. Maja teaches contemporary dance technique at Intakt and Yoga in Devi and Parinama Yoga centers, as well as at the Dance Theatre Ljubljana.


The lesson is composed of warming up, asanas for strengthening and opening of the muscles, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Maja will focus on psychosomatic exercises, anatomical body placement, coordination and balance. She will keep you focused on full and relaxed breathing. Pranayama teaches deep and relaxed breathing through dynamic exercises as well. Relaxation session will take place at the end of every class.

Milan Tomášik, born in Slovakia, currently lives and works in Slovenia and Belgium. In 2004, he graduated from P.A.R.T.S. In 2001, he participated in Vienna’s ImpulsTanz festival with a Dance Web scholarship and went on tour with the Dutch company MAPA. In Slovenia, he has created five dance performances and has collaborated with several established choreographers. His teaching experiences include giving classes for professional companies like En-Knap, Ultima Vez, Dance Studio, PTL, as well as for summer workshops and festivals in many European cities. He is a co-founder and active member of the currently very successful Les SlovaKs Dance Collective.

Contemporary dance class Happy feet

„We start with an exercise focusing on lengthening in all directions at the same time. Using our own way of moving we pass through 3 different stages: pausing, moving and dancing. Our goal here is to bring the body and the mind together, so that every little part of the body gets warm. When it gets hot, we pump it up. We go for it fully, not forgetting anything we have just done before. We explore the speed, the dynamics and apply quality restrictions. We train and challenge the way we dance; we search for enjoyment not only in easy, but also in difficult movements; we strengthen the body to be ready to do anything; we explore the space within ourselves and the group. Technique meets performing. “

Workshop Solo dance

How to make a solo dance strong and powerful: full dancing, rhythm, precise pauses and clear expression.

Ingrid Kerec is a former professional dancer, and has completed her training as a Certified Rolfer® and Rolfing®Movement practitioner in 1998.
Her work covers all aspects of Rolfing – from manual work at her Practice at Rolfing Studio Wien, to her teaching Applied Anatomy at different professional dance schools and institutions in Vienna. She also gives Movement coaching workshops for professional groups, such as Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic and many other different sport and fitness disciplines.

Additionally, through her dance training and practical experience, she has developed a form of body-work specifically designed for all types of dancers and dance teachers. This work is based on Rolfing concepts and the theory of Dance Medicine.

Dance anatomy

How to deepen a plié?
Where to work on a turn-out?
How to open the vertebra in the roll down?
How to get stability in relevé and maintain flexibility in jumping?
This workshop is an alternative approach to a dance class, regardless of the basic technique (modern, contemporary, ballet or hip-hop).
We will find answers to these and other questions, both theoretically and practically.
Through learning about the properties of muscles, fascia and bone, we will deepen our own knowledge, improve technique, maintain healthy body structure/function – as well as prevent overloading or injuring ourselves during our daily training.

Joan van der Mast (BA / CMA) is an international respected teacher, choreographer, lecturer, coach and advisor in contemporary dance and Laban Movement Analysis. She is a Codarts (Rotterdam) graduate and she is a certified Laban Movement Analyst (New York), studied Choreology (Laban London), Yoga and Stott Pilates. After a too short career as a dancer due to a severe back injury, she became a faculty member of Codarts, Rotterdam Dance Academy, where she has been teaching Modern Dance Technique, Improvisation and Composition, Movement Analysis and Didactics of Modern Dance and started a career as a choreographer. She also became a faculty member of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague since 1997. She is founder and artistic director of Ex Nunc:Ex Nunc, Center of Modern Dance in The Hague and artistic coordinator of DansPlan, Segbroek College in The Hague. Internationally she is momentary working as a guest teacher, lecturer, choreographer e.g. at Skopje Dance Academy (Macedonia), Anna Maletic School for Contemporary Dance (Zagreb/Croatia) & University of Warchau (Faculty of dance).

Modern dance

Joan’s Contemporary Dance technique class is based on the principles of Laban- & Limon- technique. The principles of Flow, Fall & Recovery, Total Body Connectivity, and Initiation & Follow, Dynamical Rhythm as well as clarity in Spatial relationships (the use of Space Harmony / 9 point system) and musicality are also essential pillars in her style.  She is integrating and fusing contemporary movement styles as Flying Floor technique, Yoga, Stott Pilates and Bartenieff Fundamentals in her class, resulting into a versatile, intense and dynamic technique class.

Master class for Dance Teachers 

Joan is a specialist in didactics and methodology in Contemporary and Modern Dance. She has been educating, teaching and coaching contemporary dance teachers for more than 25 years at Codarts Dance Academy Rotterdam.

During her master classes she will lecture, teach, discuss, move, explore and create with the following topics:

  1. 1.What is Modern Dance? What is Contemporary Dance?

  2. 2.How to build and create a Contemporary dance class based on movement principles instead of exercises.

  3. 3.The role of creativity in dance

  4. 4.What is a good technique? And how to make it “dancy and juicy”

  5. 5.How to make progressions for different levels and children and different age-groups.

  6. 6.The meaning of Laban Movement Analysis for teaching and creating.

  7. 7.How to apply the principles of New Learning in teaching dance

  8. 8.How to master the basic methods of teaching dance

Dance Photography Workshop with Chris Nash

Murska Sobota, Slovenija, August 27th and 28th 2012

Flota institute invites photographers to take part in a 2-­‐day dance photography workshop with world-­‐ renowned photographer Chris Nash. Chris is a London based photographer specializing in dance with a worldwide reputation built from over 60 one man exhibitions across the globe. His highly theatrical style and ability to capture key choreographic moments have been in demand for over 2 decades, not only by Contemporary Dance companies needing eye-­‐catching promotional images, but also within the fashion, advertising and editorial worlds. More info:

The course will cover:
−  introduction to photographing dance on stage and theatre lightning 
−  introduction to photographing dance in the studio and flash lightning 

Applicants should have a basic understanding of photography and an interest in photographing dance and must submit a CV with brief outline of photographic experience and examples of work. Participants will be selected by Chris Nash and must bring their own cameras (digital SRL with sync socket for external flash), any extra lenses and spare memory cards and/or laptops with card readers. 

Send your application (short CV, examples of work and contact information) to until May 31st 2012. Price for the workshop is 35 EUR. 

Photographs taken during the workshop will be featured in the Moving Gallery project on August 31st and September 1st.http://www.chrisnash.netmailto:info@flota.siWorkshops_files/summer%20dance%20workshops%20at%20fronta%20festival.docshapeimage_23_link_0shapeimage_23_link_1